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Declaration of Sustainability

Sustainability is a natural and important part of our business. We believe in a long-term approach to business and a continuous reduction on the impact we have on our planet. Being a personal protective equipment (PPE) supplier, Ejendals want to be a leader in health and safety for all the people part of our business and throughout our supply chain. In addition, our product offering will help our customers to improve their safety performance and protect the hands and feet of their employees.

A new improvement step was taken during 2021 when we performed a materiality analysis for sustainability, based on stakeholder dialogues and value chain analysis, resulting in the selection of topics and their targets presented here.

We have selected and decided to focus on the following UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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Safety is a true keyword to us. Our workplaces are kept safe through proactive work, e.g. risk assessments and safety walks. We follow-up risk observations, and incidents ranging from near-misses to Lost Time Injuries.
Our principles extend also beyond our own operations. Upstream our safety requirements come through our CoC for Business, while downstream our Safety Concept improves our customers’ safety performance.

Targets 2022:
Increase reporting of incidents through digital tool
Zero LTIs at both Leksand and Jokipii sites
(2021: Leksand=0, Jokipii=1)


In product development we continuously aim at long-lasting high-quality products along with improving environmental & sustainable aspects.

  • Use of recycled materials, and design for sustainability by e.g. reducing number of parts.
  • Optimized packaging (choice and amount of packaging material, labeling reduction).
  • Fine tuned production measures to reduce waste and material/water usage.

Target 2022:
Conceptualize 10 glove and 5 shoe models with sustainability focus, to be launched 2023-2025


All Ejendals employees are to be trained in our Code of Conduct (CoC), while for our business partners the ethics requirements are directed through our separate CoC for Business. In 2021 we introduced a non-compliance (whistle-blower) mechanism also for external use, and clarification on our suppliers' further responsibility for their suppliers regarding these important matters, all monitored through CSR audits.

Targets 2022:
95% of employees trained at Code of Conduct
100% signed CoC by direct product suppliers
85% of
suppliers third party CSR audited


Ejendals supports the Paris agreement by halving our GHG emissions by 2030. Historic data on CO2 emissions have been recalculated to GHG Protocol standard, starting with Scope 1 and 2, now including our company car emissions for the entire Nordics. Our new car policy strongly favours electric cars; we now have five charging stations in Leksand.

Targets 2022:
Further optimize our GHG Scope 1 and 2 emissions
For Scope 3 we aim at air transport <0.2%
(2021: 0.7%, increase due to pandemic)


Ejendals designs and develops all our products and processes keeping in mind waste minimization.
Additionally, we aim to increase the proportion of recyclable waste.

Target 2022:
Total waste <
195 kg / MSEK


We use 100% renewable electricity at both sites (Leksand and Jokipii). Energy optimization for our buildings will continue, and during 2021 we installed a 400+ MWh/year solar panel system in Jokipii.

Targets 2022:
Electricity <1850 kWh / MSEK
Energy <3700 kWh / MSEK


Ejendals AB & Ejendals Suomi Oy have Certificates for ISO 9001, 14001, 45001
Sustainability Rating: received a Silver Medal from EcoVadis 2021
Product certificate EU Ecolabel for Safety shoes
Product certificate OEKO-TEX ® for Safety gloves

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