Corona COVID 19

According to the latest reports the overall Corona COVID 19 situation in China is improving. Both spreading of the virus as well as numbers infected seems to have peaked.

Leksand March 2020

Production restarted

Given this the majority of Ejendals contracted manufacturers have restarted their production, but with lower capacity than usual due to imposed travel restrictions. However, as those restrictions are now decreasing, the production capacity will hopefully get back to normal within the next three to four weeks. Regarding transportation there are still a minor uncertainty due to some shortage of containers.  An area where Ejendals hope to see progress within the near future.

Stock levels and alternative products

Concerning our stock level, we are still on par with our customers’ demands and deliveries in terms of gloves produced in China. Would there be a shortage of specific item numbers we will of course find an equally good substitute. Leaving no one without our products.

Do you have questions

If any questions or thoughts please contact us directly and we will be happy to help.

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