Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) comes naturally to us. At Ejendals we consider the long-term effects of our actions. This includes everything from the quality of our products to how we treat our customers, employees and partners.

Taking responsibility
Making informed choices and taking responsibility for what we do has resulted in many long and fruitful relationships. We see our long-term relationships as proof that we take responsibility for our actions. To ensure that all our partners do the same, we have established a social code of conduct that we follow.

Our code of conduct in brief

• No-one who works with our products should be denied their basic human rights.

• No-one who works with our products should suffer physical or mental harm.

• No children should work with our products – we follow the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.


Checks on conditions in the factories
We check the manufacture of our products to ensure that our code of conduct is upheld. In addition, we make regular visits to the factories we work with, and we also have our own inspectors on site. Sometimes we also engage independent parties to carry out inspections.

If we detect a violation of the code, we take immediate action to remedy the situation. If we find that the requirements of our code of conduct are not being complied with, and requested improvements have not taken place, we end the business relationship. We also consider it important to show respect for the traditions, customs and practices of the manufacturing country, and we take this into consideration when specifying our requirements.

Safety, honesty and care
Safety, honesty and care are important principles at Ejendals. Everyone who works with us should feel and notice these guiding principles – in all contexts.