Our business

Ejendals is a Swedish company that for generations has specialised in developing, manufacturing and marketing high-quality products that protect hands and feet.

In close collaboration with researchers and our customers, we design products that deliver the highest standard of protection, durability and ergonomics. From our corporate head office in Leksand, Sweden, we envision a safer day with zero injuries to hands and feet.

We help you reduce long-term costs
Your investments in quality hand and foot protection result in fewer occupational injuries, improved levels of attendance and increased productivity, ultimately leading to lower overall costs.

Our markets
For many years a market leader in the Nordic region, Ejendals has expanded into a number of new markets in Europe such as Germany, the UK, France, Benelux, Italy, Poland, the Baltic States and Russia. Several markets await, and we take a very positive attitude towards our continued expansion.

A reliable partner
Our products make everyday life safer at tens of thousands of workplaces in Europe. Thanks to our cooperation with researchers and customers, we constantly receive suggestions for improvements that we can use when developing new products. Our testing facilities give us confidence that the new models are better and safer in every way.

Customer service
We value close contact with our customers and are represented in most European countries. This makes it easy to contact us when you need help and advice on questions relating to protecting hands and feet.

Fast deliveries
'Call us today if you need gloves tomorrow' was the motto of Ejendals’ founder. Fast deliveries are still one of the things that set us apart from our competitors. Read more.

Quality in every seam
Ejendals’ underlying concept is to deliver the best quality possible. To ensure top quality, we have our own factory as well as a long-standing cooperation with a few selected factories without the use of intermediaries. We also have our own R&D- and testing labs, in Sweden and Finland for gloves and shoes, respectively. Read more.

Function and design
Function and design always work together in all of our products. For safety products, design can actually help improve the primary function. But a carefully considered design can also make the product look a lot better. Over the years, we have won many prestigious international design awards, including a Red Dot Award.

Every injury is one too many
More than half of all occupational injuries are directly related to injuries to hands, wrists, fingers, feet, ankles and toes.

An injured employee may have to be signed off sick, and thus lose income. The company suffers a loss of productivity, and incurs costs for the worker who is off sick. Occupational injuries also represent an expense for society as a whole. Our zero vision when it comes to hand and foot injuries benefits individuals, companies and society. By investing in proper hand and foot protection, you are actually helping your profitability.

Ejendals’ safety concept
At Ejendals, we don’t just sell shoes and gloves. We sell a whole concept, which we refer to as our safety concept. When we work with a customer, we have a set number of targets: we want to reduce the number of accidents that occur, we want to improve levels of attendance, and we want to reduce long-term costs as quality always pays in the long run. Read more