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JALAS walks around the world

Join us on our 'Walk Around the World' as we visit customers and listen to their stories about how JALAS safety and work shoes have made a difference in their everyday work life. Discover our commitment to constant improvement and the difference JALAS shoes can make.

Did you know that the circumference of the Earth is approximately 24,901 miles? If a person were to walk at an average speed of 1 mile per hour, it would take them 24,901 hours, or 1,037 days, to complete a full loop around the planet without taking any breaks. Unfortunately, due to the lack of a continuous land mass, it's impossible to actually walk all the way around the world.

At JALAS, we're always striving to improve our safety shoes and work shoes. That's why we're excited to embark on our very own "walk around the world"! We'll be visiting some of our customers and others who are trying out different models of JALAS shoes, and hearing firsthand about how they've made a difference in their everyday work life. 

First out - Thomas Gaiser from Germany!

Thomas holds a crucial role as a Safety Manager at Röhm GmbH, a company that specializes in crafting clamping devices. One of his top priorities is striving towards continual improvements in occupational safety.

Every day, Thomas and his colleagues at Röhm GmbH face various safety risks, including falling due to slipping, liquid-soaked floors, danger from falling loads, and sharp metal chips on the floor. So they need safety shoes with toe protection and good slip resistance. It is also important that the shoes are not heavy, and the BOA fastening system is a highly appreciated feature.

Before trying the new JALAS Tempus Safety Shoes, Thomas has used safety shoes from Atlas and Elten, as well as some older models from JALAS. However, Thomas was particularly impressed by the comfort and lightweight design of the new JALAS 5668 Tempus.

The JALAS shoes are very comfortable and very light. I've even forgotten to take them off after work, says Thomas.

Thomas Gaiser

Works as: Safety Manager
Company: Röhm GmbH
Industry: Production of clamping devices
Location: Sontheim/Germany
Steps per workday: About 7000
Product: JALAS Tempus

The JALAS Tempus Collection

The JALAS Tempus Collection is a completely new line of Scandinavian quality safety shoes, developed especially for the European manufacturing industries. The combination of safety and comfort protects your body from both injuries and muscle fatigue.

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Improved work safety

We also asked Thomas if his collaberation with Ejendals has helped him in his work to improving work safety at Röhm GmbH. Thomas answered: "Definitely. Mr Andreas Amann is a very competent contact person when it comes to PPE." 

Andreas Amann and all his colleagues from our DACH sales team have deep knowledge regarding workplace safety. We at Ejendals, provide more than just gloves and shoes; we provide an entire Safety Concept aimed at zero injuries to hands and feet in the workplace.

To find out more about Ejendals Safety Concept, please click here.

Andreas Amann
Territory Sales Manager at Ejendals

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To find out more about JALAS Tempus or Ejendals Safety Concept, please contact your local sales team. We are here to help!

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