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This is how you can avoid workplace accidents this winter

Safety shoes that are manufactured to cope with our Nordic climate are of great importance in preventing workplace injuries. Cold feet, for example, affect safety when climbing ladders or working on slippery surfaces. - It pays to spend a little extra time checking that you have found a product with the right safety features and cold protection, says Mikael Baggens, business developer at Ejendals, Sweden.

Winter has slowly but surely begun to make its entrance. At the same time, there are many professional groups that do not succumb to any subzero temperatures. They are used to withstand both freezing cold, wet surfaces, slips and rain-mixed snow that has turned to ice. There is no temperature at which it is forbidden to work outdoors, but not wearing good safety shoes and gloves can have devastating consequences.

Cold hands and feet do not only affect the ability to keep the heat in the whole body, it is also a safety risk. This places extra high demands on our safety gloves and shoes, says Mikael Baggens, business developer at Ejendals.
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TEGERA safety gloves and JALAS safety shoes are premium brands by Ejendals. Discover a wide range of shoes and gloves for winter and cold conditions.

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"Safe, dry and comfortable"

More than half of all workplace injuries are injuries to hands, wrists, fingers, feet, ankles and toes. One of the most common causes of work accidents in the construction industry is falling. If you work outdoors, it is especially important to invest in good quality shoes for different types of cold environments. 

- The safety shoes must keep the feet safe, dry and comfortable all day. They also need to be warm and well equipped for really cold weather, but also flexible and ergonomic in their design so they don't feel clumsy. Design and function go hand in hand in all our TEGERA and JALAS products. Design has an amazing ability to significantly improve the primary function of safety products, says Mikael Baggens.

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Wide range of quality shoes and gloves

Ejendals owns and operates a shoe factory in Finland. We also collaborate with carefully selected factories worldwide. Since the start in 1949, our innovative company has built up a wide range of quality shoes and gloves for different types of cold environments. It doesn't matter if you work in bitter cold in north of Sweden, or in warmer areas.

- Regardless of whether you choose a warm lined safety boot for very cold weather, or a waterproof and lined safety boot for a wet and normally cold winter, you always put your foot in a premium product, says Mikael Baggens and concludes:

- Safety should always be a top priority. By investing in the right hand and foot protection, you contribute to increasing the profitability of your company in the future.


Bare hands should not be exposed to temperatures any lower than +10°C. For people working in cold or wet environments, we have developed an extensive range of lined winter gloves that are flexible, durable and comfortable.

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With many excellent features to support hard work in winter conditions such as wet, slushy and snowy weather, JALAS new truly waterproof EXALTER & HEAVY DUTY safety shoes with GORE-TEX keep your feet safe, dry and relaxed.