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The JALAS® Clean Collection

Discover JALAS Clean: footwear designed for impeccable hygiene standards. Perfect for demanding industries like food and pharmaceuticals. Comfortable, easy-to-clean, and available in a range of options.

JALAS Clean offers footwear designed to meet the high demands of hygiene in various industries. Our customers increasingly seek safety shoes and boots suitable for hygienic workspaces. These footwear solutions feature a simple design for easy cleaning, catering to industries where cleanliness is paramount. We recognize the diversity in requirements, offering options in both white and black, suitable for different sectors. Our preference for leather or synthetic materials ensures breathability and lightness, compared to rubber alternatives. Ideal for sectors like the food industry, component manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals, where stringent hygiene standards are essential.

Exciting news from JALAS!
Get ready for our upcoming release: a new mid-cut shoe and two high boots. Crafted with a nitrile rubber outsole, they offer enhanced traction on wet, slippery surfaces and boast oil and heat resistance up to 300°C. The white boots feature a stylish blue outsole for a fresh, clean look. Designed with a light composite toe cap for toe protection against falling objects, these boots are tailored for demanding environments.