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JALAS® models with GORE-TEX

JALAS® Exalter & Heavy Duty Series models with GORE-TEX. Waterproof for all seasons


With many excellent features to support hard work in wet, slushy and snowy weather, JALAS ® new truly waterproof EXALTER & HEAVY DUTY SERIES keep your feet safe, dry and relaxed.

Tested and proven for hard work in wet, slush and snow

Our Nordic conditions guarantee this premium standard. The new truly waterproof shoes and boots covers all seasons; warmer weather and indoor use to anything the cold can produce. GORE-TEX stops water and still breathes, keeping feet dry also from the inside.


9988 and 9968 are available ONLY in Sweden and Norway from spring 2022.
1398 and 9998 are available ONLY in Sweden, Finland and Norway during winter 2022.

Handling the toughest cold, snowy and wet conditions

  • Two boots built for colder weather with high shaft to protect and insulating lining for warmth.
  • The high shafts also give extra support and protection against impact to ankles and lower legs.
  • Extra protection for very wet working environment in a warm winter, typically in rain and slush. Fur-lined to keep feet warm in very cold weather.
  • Two BOA ® Fit System for perfect fit of both shoe and shaft in different work situations. 
  • Vibram ® Arctic Grip Pro outsole for superior grip on wet ice. 

Picture1.pngHow it works

The GORE-TEX membrane contains small pores that are smaller than a drop of water but larger than water vapor. This is why GORE-TEX stops water and still breathes, keeping feet dry also from the inside. 

  • Upper material
  • Protective knit
  • GORE-TEX membrane
  • Inner lining


The JALAS ® Nordic heritage gurantees surpreme features

  • Developed from same quality and ergonomic comfort as JALAS ® Exalter
    and Heavy Duty collections.
  • Shock absorption and ergonomics help prevent injuries to foot and back.
  • Safe and high-grip outsoles for steadiness and slip avoidance, common in the Nordic climate.
  • BOA ® Fit System on the side – no pressure points when working on knees.

Complete your feet!

Stay warm and fresh with JALAS® soft merino wool socks with supreme fit. Wool socks are recommended as the best material in combination with GORE-TEX water proof shoes