Create your customer unique poster (pdf)

Ejendals PosterMaker is a tool where you can create your customer unique posters. Share them in your organization or print them and put them up in your store, your working site or in the storage room.

Save and upload your work: You can save your work by using the Save As functionality in the upper right corner of a template (Action button). 

The save file is unique per PosterMaker template, this give you the possibility to save and categorize the files on your computer for later changes and updates.

In case you try to Upload another save file than the current template you are working on you will be prompted to change template. Please be aware that loading previously saved content also causes your current work in the template to be overwritten. 

Language support: The tool with instructions are in English, but the product information in the posters will be the same as you select on our web (select your local language on top of our site).

Three easy steps to get your poster ready

  • 1

    Select a template

  • 2

    Select products and add text

  • 3

    Export the poster - start using it

Select one of the following six templates