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TEGERA® CRF® Omni Technology Gloves

Our thinnest and softest gloves – with cut resistance level F – thanks to our unique CRF® Omni technology


Our CRF ® cut-resistant fiber is a customer favorite. Now we've made Ejendals CRF ® even better and developed the stronger and thinner CRF ® Omni technology to reflect the demands of people who work with precision and seriously sharp objects on a daily basis.

The new TEGERA ® Cut Protection Gloves are exceptionally flexible, airy, and so comfortable that they can be worn throughout the working day, like a second skin.

Offering the ultimate in cut protection, our new TEGRA ® Cut Protection Gloves are designed for handling extremely sharp objects. They are ideal for work with sheet metals, for use in paper mills, and metal fabrication in the auto industry.


Perfect for handling very sharp objects.

  • Unique Infinity dipping technique for extra softness and flexibility
  • Highest Highest level of cut resistance (F)
  • Made from 18gg CRF ® Omni Technology fiber
  • Foam grip pattern for good grip
  • Withstand contact heat up to 100°C
  • Carefully tested and approved for food handling
  • Skin-friendly and DMF-free



TEGERA® 8815 INFINITY on ensimmäinen uuden CRF® Omni Technology -mallistomme käsine.

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