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Product recommendations for airport workers

As airport workers, you play a vital role in ensuring the safe and efficient arrival of travelers and goods at their destinations. However, it's important to acknowledge that you, along with all other airport personnel, also encounter potential hazards during your work. Therefore, it is crucial for you to prioritize your safety by equipping yourself with appropriate safety gear, including JALAS safety shoes and TEGERA safety gloves.

Making Intelligent Choices for Enhanced Safety

Investing in high-quality safety gear is a smart choice for any airport worker. JALAS and TEGERA are trusted brands that are known for their quality and reliability, making them a go-to choice for airport workers who prioritize safety. Protect yourself on the job with the best safety gear available, and choose JALAS safety shoes and TEGERA safety gloves for maximum protection and comfort. 

Product Recommendations for Indoor and Outdoor Airport Work

Regardless of whether you're working indoors or outdoors at the airport, the TEGERA safety gloves and JALAS safety shoes product range offer premium safety products that cater to your needs.

JALAS safety shoe recommendations

These shoes have been thoughtfully chosen to ensure they do not trigger metal detectors, allowing you to pass through security checkpoints seamlessly.

Superior grip on the landing strip!

JALAS Heavy Duty Arctic Grip are developed for your most demanding work days, for tough environments and severe conditions. With extraordinary metal-free safety features, ultra-durable protection, and flexible, ergonomic, all-day comfort. Perfect for everyone working on the airfield or landing strip in cold weather.

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TEGERA safety gloves recommendations

These gloves have been thoughtfully selected to comprehensively meet the needs of airport personnel, ensuring that they are equipped with the appropriate protection for various tasks and situations.
For further glove recommendations please contact your local sales representative.

Product recommendations for uniformed professions

You can’t always control your working environment, but you can equip yourself with the very best protective gloves and shoes to prevent accidents and injuries.

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