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Product recommendations for roofers

The most important piece of advice for roofers, when it comes to personal protective equipment, is to carefully consider your footwear.

When we develop personal protective equipment for roofers, we start from the real conditions.
There is a 4 times higher risk for roofers to injure themselves in falling accidents, compared to the labor market in general. Training and personal equipment are the best protection.
And grip, grip and grip are the most important features of a safety shoe for roofers.
Non-slip sole is important. Keep in mind that the roof (your floor) can be very hot, very cold, very wet, very icy, and very slippery depending on the season.

Complete with gloves according to work task and climate. 

Safety shoe recommendations for roofers

Safety glove recommendations for roofers

When you work as a roofer you need safety gloves that provide protection against cuts, punctures, and abrasions, while also allowing for a good grip on materials and tools. Some of the best safety gloves for roofers include:

  1. Cut-resistant gloves: These gloves are made from materials like CRF Omni or Dyneema and can protect against cuts from sharp edges, such as metal roofing or cutting tools.

  2. Heavy-duty gloves: These gloves are made from thick, durable materials like leather or PVC and provide protection against punctures and abrasions from rough surfaces like shingles or tar paper.

  3. Grip-enhancing gloves: You need to have a good grip on materials and tools to prevent accidents. Gloves with a textured or rubberized grip can improve control and reduce the risk of slips and drops.

For further product recommendations

For even further product recommendations for roofers, please contact us. We are here to help.

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