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Product recommendations for scaffolding, elevator fitting and transport

Why is it so important to use the right gloves when building scaffolds? Because no heavyweight boxer would ever dream of stepping into the ring without the right gloves.

No hands in the construction industry take as much of a beating as the scaffolders.
A scaffolder often lifts two tons of scaffolding material daily!
The most common accident and greatest risk are of course falls of various kinds. But then there are ergonomic risks with lifting, dropped things and bangs on hands and the rest of the body.
Most often, you work outdoors and then you are also at the mercy of the weather.
Protect your hands! A pair of impact protection gloves is a good start in our recommendation.
The same needs, for example, have lift fitters and all those in construction who work with transports.

Impact protection gloves

TEGERA PRO Safety Gloves

The TEGERA PRO collection is made for professionals. Because you should never have to compromise when it comes to protecting your most important tools: your hands.


Safety shoe recommendations for scaffolders

JALAS® Heavy Duty Shoe Collection

Your work is anything but ordinary. That is why we have developed a special Heavy Duty collection of safety shoes and boots for really tough conditions. JALAS Heavy Duty Shoe Collection – a perfect combination of extreme safety features, ergonomic comfort and cold protection.

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