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Logistics - product recommendations

Certified and ergonomic personal safety equipment is a crucial factor in achieving adequate protection for the logistic occupational worker.

JALAS_7158_ZENIT_EVO_s.jpgLogistics is a large and broad area that includes everything from transport and warehousing to supply chain management. So, naturally, the logistics industry accommodates many professions that are faced with various security risks and strain injuries. Statistics show that injuries to bones, joints and muscles account for the largest proportion of sick leave. Certified and ergonomic personal safety equipment is a crucial factor in achieving adequate protection for the logistic occupational worker.

You who are responsible for PPE need certified and ergonomic safety equipment that covers the needs of runners, loaders as well as managers who leave the office and visit the warehouse.

Sustainability, automation, and the demand for home deliveries are factors that strongly affect the logistics industry. Ejendals closely follows the development, to be able to provide the industry with the right kind of protective equipment. We have knowledge, experience and the optimal PPE products for the logistics industry's different areas and changing needs.


Pickers are the "marathon runners" of logistics. Covering many kilometers per working day as a good hiker. Each kilometer puts a strain on the foot and the entire musculoskeletal system, including the spine. Therefore, pickers must wear extremely good shoes.

Your investments in hand and foot protection will result in fewer workplace injuries, lift attendance rates and increase productivity, in combination with lowering your total overhead costs.


JALAS Zenit EVO combines a new lightweight sporty design, ergonomic fit, and seamless breathability with the kind of premium protection you would expect from JALAS.
A combination of an insole of functional material, soft midsole and outsole makes a multilayer cushioning system for ergonomics and healthy feet. High stability and balance prevents back fatigue in work situations. The outside is slip-resistant and give a good grip even on wet and oily surfaces. Lightweight aluminum toe cap provides high protection without making the shoe heavy. Effective nail protection in soft textile provides comfort and low weight.


The most comfortable impact protection gloves you could imagine.

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Business dress shoes with hidden protective features.


Product recommendations for the logistics sector

TEGERA offer many different safety glove models because a safety glove should never be “about right” for the purpose. It must be exactly right. Only then will it protect you properly. Here you find examples suitable for the logistics sector. 

General work in the dry areas

Cut protection

General work in wet and oily environments

Haptic and precision work

Chemical protection

Cold protection

Disposable gloves

JALAS Zenit Evo safety shoes S1

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