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JALAS History

Quality, comfort and safety since 1916

JALAS ® safety shoes maintain the high quality, comfort and safety features that have been the signature ever since 1916. The JALAS ® story began in the village of Jokipii, Finland, which is still the proud home to design, development and manufacturing.

1916 - Juho Viljanmaa signs the contract to buy the tannery in Jokipii, which is where the JALAS ® brand started. Travelling cobblers are hired to manufacture boots, shoes and other made-to-order leather items.

1923 - More skilled tanners and workers are hired. Production is more mechanised.

- Urho Viljanmaa separates a part of the business with focus on manufacturing shoes.

- Industry is registered as tannery and footwear dealer. Shoepacs, poulaines and sandals are manufactured.

- A shoe store is opened in Jokipii to support the tannery.

- Production start of ski boots, moccasins and winter shoes.

- Production start of sport shoes and ski jumping boots.

- First Polyurethane direct injection machine in use to produce ski boots.

- Focus is shifted to occupational and safety shoes with great benefits from sport shoe manufacturing, after JALAS ® buys the Aaltonen safety- and sport shoe production in December 1984.

- Matti Nykänen wins 3 Gold medals in the Calgary Olympics with JALAS ® ski jumping boots.

- First manufacturer in Europe to develop the shock-absorbing Ergothan insole for safety shoes.

- Extensive automation of production and use of manufacturing robots enable a sharp increase in production volume.

- Annual production volume rises to over 500,000 pairs of occupational and safety shoes. This happens after JALAS ® introduces the 2003 Stabilizator collection. This collection features the world’s first aluminium toe-cap. Short after world lightest Safety shoe was launched JALAS Exalter with 399 grams 

- Ejendals buys JALAS ® from the Viljanmaa family.

- JALAS ® is the first safety shoe manufacturer to win the Red Dot design award with its Zenit collection.

- JALAS ® celebrates 100 years young by looking forward to new collections with exciting innovations.

- We continue our sustainability work and JALAS safety shoes are now produced with solar energy.

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