100 years of experience

100 years of experience means a full understanding of the foot and its needs, all 27 different bones held together by ligaments, tendons and muscles and one of the most advanced shock absorption systems in the world.

100 years of experience means the ability to provide you with the right shoe for the right job. Shoe properties are matched to specific applications or environments where they provide the absolute greatest benefit. Using a shoe in the wrong environment can be downright dangerous.

100 years of experience means knowing how to adapt to changes in the market and staying in the forefront of new technological developments.

100 years of experience means not only protecting against falling objects, sharp items or temperatures at any cost. Safety shoes also have to be comfortable, light in weight, and improve your posture. This way you will wear them all day and they will prevent long-term damage to other parts of your body. That’s why shock-absorbing capacities in the outsole of JALAS® safety footwear match those of professional running shoes.