1916 - 1939

Viljanmaa family 1916


Juho Viljanmaa signs the contract to buy the tannery in Jokipii, which is where the JALAS® brand started. Travelling cobblers are hired to manufacture boots, shoes and other made-to-order leather items.

Tannery workers 1923 


More skilled tanners and workers are hired. Production is more mechanised.

 Shoe business in focus 1928


Urho Viljanmaa separates a part of the business with focus on manufacturing shoes.

 Footwear dealer registration 1934


Industry is registered as tannery and footwear dealer. Shoepacs, poulaines and sandals are manufactured.

 Shoe store opens in Jokipii 1935


A shoe store is opened in Jokipii to support the tannery.