1940 - 1989

Ski boot, moccasin and winter shoe production start 1940


Production start of ski boots, moccasins and winter shoes.

 Sport shoe and ski jumping boot production start 1970


Production start of sport shoes and ski jumping boots.

Polyurethane injection machine 1974 


First Polyurethane direct injection machine in use to produce ski boots.

 Focus shifts to occupational and safety shoes 1985


Focus is shifted to occupational and safety shoes with great benefits from sport shoe manufacturing, after JALAS® buys the Aaltonen safety- and sport shoe production in December 1984.

 Matti Nykänen Calgary olympics 1988


Matti Nykänen wins 3 Gold medals in the Calgary Olympics with JALAS® ski jumping boots.

 Ergothan shock absorption in safety shoe insole 1989


First manufacturer in Europe to develop the shock-absorbing Ergothan insole for safety shoes.