1990 -

Automation of production 1990


Extensive automation of production and use of manufacturing robots enable a sharp increase in production volume.

 World's first aluminium toe-cap 2004


Annual production volume rises to over 500,000 pairs of occupational and safety shoes. This happens after JALAS® introduces the 2003 Stabilizator collection. This collection features the world’s first aluminium toe-cap.

 Ejendals AB buys JALAS® 2008


Ejendals buys JALAS® from the Viljanmaa family.

First safety shoe to recieve the Red Dot design award 2012 


JALAS® is the first safety shoe manufacturer to win the Red Dot design award with its Zenit collection.

Looking forward to the next 100 years 2016 


JALAS® celebrates 100 years young by looking forward to new collections with exciting innovations.