Quality products

Ejendals' concept is to deliver the best quality possible. Our products make everyday life safer at tens of thousands of workplaces in Europe.

Lower costs
Investments in quality hand and foot protection always pay off. They result in fewer occupational injuries, improved levels of attendance and increased productivity, ultimately leading to lower overall costs.

Quality factories
To ensure top quality, we have our own factory as well as a long-standing cooperation with a few selected factories. Roughly fifty per cent of our products are manufactured in our own factory.

The factories we have chosen to work with are among the best in the world, and our cooperation usually stretches back more than 20 years. Our product range is renowned for its breadth, and our factories have different specialities. Different materials also involve different demands in production. We have our own specialists on-site for monitoring purposes and quality assurance, including five full-time employees in Asia.

New product development
Thanks to our cooperation with researchers and customers, we constantly receive suggestions for improvements that we can use when developing new products. Our testing- and R&D facilities give us confidence that the new models are better and safer in every way.