JALAS® EXALTER safety shoes have been engineered for your longest, most demanding workdays. For environments and jobs that require superior protective features, and the very best ergonomics and comfort.

JALAS® Exalter safety shoes have been loved and trusted for years. The new models feature an updated look and feel and enhanced breathability.




Enhanced breathability

Innovative mesh-covered ventilation slots and breathable polyester lining ensure great breathability to keep the foot dry, cool and comfortable all day long. The mesh prevents debris from entering the shoe. (Models S1P)

New sock-like construction

Sock-like construction makes the shoes softer, more breathable and easy to put on and take off. (Low-cut models)

Updated all-day comfort and ergonomics

The midsole and JALAS FX3 Supreme multilayer insole provide ultimate comfort and ergonomics. Poron® XRD™ shock-absorption prevents injuries to foot and back.

Safe and high grip outsole

High-grip Vibram® Nitrile rubber outsole features superior rip to ensure excellent performance in a wide range of activities.

Proven safety features

Proven industry-standard protection with an aluminum toe cap to protect from impact, and non-metal PTC nail protection inserts to protect from sharp objects on the ground.

Enhanced support & durability

Microfiber upper and enhanced protection at the toe provide additional support and shield from abrasion to extend the life time of the shoe.

Boa® fit system on the side

Boa® Fit closure makes it quick and easy to get ready for work. Easy, one-handed lace tension provides custom comfort and smooth, even
closure without pressure points.

There are four models in the new collection

9925 Low-cut green shoe (S1P), 9945 Medium-cut green shoe (S1P), 9965 Low-cut red shoe (S3), 9985 Medium-cut red shoe (S3).

The JALAS® FX3 Supreme insole

FX3 Supreme insole for ultimate ergonomics and comfort

The JALAS® FX3 Supreme insole has been engineered in 6 layers for ultimate ergonomics and comfort:

  2. NEO FOAM LAYER protects the entire foot area from impact
  3. SOFT EVA BASE LAYER provides structure, stability and comfort
  4. HARD EVA LAYER maintains the insole’s shape and functionality
    and provides support and stability
  5. PORON® XRD™, a high-tech material that absorbs up to 95%
    of impact energy.
  6. SHANK PIECE enhances shoe stability.

VIBRAM® nitrile rubber outsole

Vibram nitrile rubber outsole

The high-grip Vibram® Nitrile rubber outsole features superior grip to ensure
excellent performance in a wide range of activities.

  • Stabilising arch support provides support and a secure grip on ladders.
  • Enhanced back portion designed to maximize heel support and improve
    shock absorption.
  • Superior grip and slip-resistance thanks to surface patterns and large
    contact area.
  • Heat and oil resistant and protects from ESD/antistatic.

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At Ejendals, we have a long history of reducing the risk of preventable injuries to hands and feel. We’ve been doing it for 70 years.

Statistics show that injuries to hands and feet are the most common injuries requiring sick leaves longer than three days. And the most common cause of non-fatal workplace injuries are tripping, falling and slipping on the same level, ie, not falls from a height.

Reducing risk

With the right gear, these injuries are completely preventable.

That’s why we’ve developed a new range of safety shoes, with superior anti-slip capabilities, that provide protection from workplace hazards, without compromising on comfort.