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Partner Login - Web Shop

Ejendals Partner Login makes your job easier!

The positives of Partner Login

Take control over your orders and save your time for more important things. Our new way of working gives you 24-hour control:

  • View prices
  • Complete order overview
  • Product searches
  • Print user instructions, product sheets, labels and EU Documents
  • See your customer terms
  • You find the web shop log in to the right in the top menu
  • Once you´ve logged in you have access to the shop wherever you go on the site

If more time and power sounds good to you, call Indoor Sales on +46247-360 50 or cs.support@ejendals.com.

You’ll find the login in the top right hand corner in the menu.
Once logged in, you’ll enjoy access to the shop wherever you go on the site.

Please note: Ejendals Web shop is only available for our business partners.
If you wish to buy our products, the Store locator will help you find exactly what you’re looking for and where to go.