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Postermaker - Create customized unique posters

Ejendals Postermaker is a tool where you can create your customer unique posters. Share them in your organization or print them and put them up in your store or in your working site.

Picture1.jpgPostermaker News!

We are very pleased to announce that our postermaker function is now available in 24 languages. Twice as many as before. When working with your Poster Maker creations you can at any time change the content language from the language dropdown.

Updated shelf labels, created on demand

Shelf labels are now available in three different sizes. They are still available on each product page, but will now be generated on demand with fresh data. You can also add several products per page before printing, previously there was only one product per page. The label design has been updated and labels now contain QR codes.This means that when customers is looking at a shelf labels, they can scan the code and get to our product page online for more in-depth information, videos, etc.

Other updates

Several templates have received smaller updates to the content such as adding sizes and packaging quantities where possible.
New standards related to ESD compliance and chain saw cut protection has been added.
More updates to Poster Maker is currently being planned, we will keep you posted!

Save and upload your work

You can save your work by using the Save as button in the upper right corner of a template. The saved file is unique per template, this gives you the possibility to save and categorize the files on your computer for later changes and updates.

In case you try to load another saved file than the current template you are working on, you will be prompted to change template. Please note that loading previously saved content also causes your current work in the template to be overwritten. 

Three easy steps to get your poster ready

  1. Select a template
  2. Select products and add text
  3. Export the poster - start using it

Select one of the following six templates