Chemical protection guide

Always use our chemical protection guide or consult with our sellers when choosing gloves. Chemical protection gloves are intended for single-day use, and often for even shorter periods. 

Use our chemical protection guide or ask us

Use our chemical protection guide or contact one of our sellers and get help in finding a suitable glove for protection against the relevant chemical mix.

Break-through-times (BTT) for a selection of common chemicals

Break-through-time (BTT) is the time when a chemical is considered to have permeated (passed through) a material. It depends primarily on the material and secondarily on the thickness (and other factors). All data refer to full contact with the chemicals at room temperature, and need to be adjusted for actual conditions and additional risks. The BTT data in this chemical protection guide originate from combined data from laboratory tests and our internal database. The BTT values are calculated from best-fit to experimental points and rounded downwards to closest EN374 Class (and two additional lower levels (0 – 5 min) that might be useful when selecting gloves for work operations of very short duration).

Breakthrough time

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Break-through-times for a selection of common chemicals (pdf), estimated for all Ejendals chemical protection gloves.

The previous guide can be found here (pdf).


Warranty limitations and disclaimer use

  • This information is provided solely as a convenience to help you evaluate our gloves in the end-users particular application.

    The information provided reflects performance of glove materials under carefully controlled conditions. Ejendals AB assumes no obligation or liability in connection with glove guidance information. It is the responsibility of the purchaser and/or user to determine the level of toxicity of the materials to be handled and to select the proper glove suitable for a particular application.

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