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Update - Covid pandemic

Update on the Covid pandemic & our delivery abilities March 2021

Dear Customer, as the situation continues with the global pandemic more present than ever we feel it is important to keep you well informed on our latest situation in terms of demand and supply. In summary we are at present facing similar challenges as we faced earlier during the pandemic.

Leksand March 2021


For the majority of Ejendals offers, within both Jalas shoes and Tegera gloves, we are still in excellent shape overall in terms of our ability to deliver what our customers demand.

For certain product families such as our disposable glove range, however, the global imbalance between demand and supply presents challenges both to access raw material as well as to access increased capacity to meet accelerating customer demands. We are in close contact with all our suppliers to manage this situation but do not foresee a swift resolution to our common challenges. For this reason, we ask for your continuous support and patience and please rest assure that we are doing all we can in these challenging times.  

If you have any questions in regard to orders or deliveries of our products, please turn to your Ejendals contact who will be happy to support. 


For all Ejendals it´s safety first, always. For our employees as well as our business partners. Employees are keeping face to face meetings to a minimum and recommend alternative ways of meetings such as Skype, Teams, phone calls, E-mails etc. We also have restricted visiting possibilities at our sites at current following directives from authorities. 

Ejendals will continue to follow the WHO guidelines and local governments in conjunction with closely monitoring the development of the pandemic.   

Our highest priority is that you, our business partners as well as our employees remain safe. 

Stay safe out there.

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