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JALAS Innovation Redefines Safety Shoes

Discover Ejendals' groundbreaking JALAS TIO Sole Technology, redefining workplace safety and comfort. This innovation seamlessly merges regulatory compliance with cutting-edge features, setting a new standard in safety footwear.

In the demanding environment of the workplace, safety shoes not only need to comply with stringent safety regulations but should also prioritize wearer comfort. Enter JALAS TIO, a groundbreaking sole technology from Ejendals that seamlessly blends comfort and safety to an unparalleled degree. In the following interview, Veronika Seliger, Technical Support & Training at Ejendals, delves into the distinctive features of these revolutionary soles.

All JALAS safety shoes in the Ejendals range are renowned for their exceptional comfort. Is there room for further optimization in this aspect?

Seliger: Absolutely! Continuous developments in new materials and manufacturing techniques benefit us as safety shoe manufacturers. Looking beyond our industry, we find even more opportunities.

Are you referring to the sports industry, whose recent advancements have influenced safety shoe development?

Seliger: Indeed. In sports, a shoe's comfort significantly influences its wearer's performance. While work regulations set limits on technological advancements in our industry, there is still ample room to enhance safety shoes' performance in terms of comfort. Our new TIO sole technology serves as proof.

What does the abbreviation TIO stand for?

Seliger: TIO stands for "Three in One," emphasizing the three-part structure. Each layer possesses unique properties that, when combined, seamlessly interlock to ensure maximum comfort. Thanks to this collaboration, Ejendals proudly introduces this exclusive technology to the market.

Veronika Seliger

Technical Support & Training at Ejendals

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JALAS TIO - Walk on Air

Could you elaborate on the characteristics of the individual elements of the 3-in-1 sole technology?

Seliger: The top layer, with its higher density and additional arch support, promotes stability, easing strain on the back and knee joints. Raised side areas prevent foot twisting. The colored middle part, made of the innovative "JALAS ComSoft Air" material, incorporates micro air bubbles for exceptional softness and gentle cushioning. Though the phrase "walking on clouds" is not new, it perfectly encapsulates the sensation. Micro air bubbles in the bottom layer create a "suction cup effect," ensuring high slip resistance on slippery, wet, and oily surfaces. Additionally, the tapered tread (RS shape) of the outsole allows dirt and mud to simply fall off. The sole proves to be remarkably durable, showing minimal signs of wear even in continuous use.

The level of innovation invested by Ejendals sounds impressive.

Seliger: Indeed, it's a journey that doesn't happen overnight. The TIO sole technology takes around three years to develop. We conducted extensive tests, comparing materials, assessing compatibility, and conducting wear tests. The effort has paid off, and now we can offer shoe models that redefine comfort.

Select from Three JALAS TIO Models

With this sole, three distinct models have been designed. What sets them apart?

Seliger: Alongside the innovative TIO sole technology, we've integrated the new FX3 Soft insole into the S1P safety shoe JALAS TIO 2058, as well as the S3 variants JALAS TIO 2028 and JALAS TIO 2068. Zones made of the high-tech "Poron XRD" material can absorb up to 90 percent of impact energy. Additionally, the "C2 Climate Control" function enhances the shoe's climate with ventilation holes and channels. Optimal comfort is guaranteed by the low overall weight and ergonomic design of the safety shoes.

In addition to comfort-oriented features, how crucial was design during the development of these models?

Seliger: Design holds great significance! While safety requirements are comparable across all safety shoes on the market, design, along with comfort, ultimately determines whether the shoes are worn with pleasure. For those who appreciate fashionable footwear in their free time, the transition to the workplace should be seamless. Our Jalas TIO models embody a cool, young, dynamic, and sporty design inspired by sports shoes.

Design Serves a Functional Purpose

Which design elements have been carefully considered?

Seliger: Design follows function! With this principle in mind, we selected design elements that are not only visually appealing but also serve a functional purpose. For instance, the "Tri-Panel Boa Fit" closure system not only imparts a modern look but also ensures a secure fit and facilitates quick and comfortable on/off. The tri-panel design minimizes pressure points on the instep. Mesh-covered ventilation slots on the Jalas TIO 2058, beyond their sporty appearance, contribute to high breathability.

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JALAS® TIO Shoe Collection - WALK ON AIR!

Supersoft and stable all-round safety and work shoes thanks to unique Three-In-One sole. The micro air bubbles in the JALAS ® COMSOFT AIR material brings extraordinary softness. When you walk - you actually walk on air!

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