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Prestigious nomination for TEGERA Cut Protection Campaign

Ejendals is proud to have been nominated at the prestigious 'Inhousegalan' marketing competition. While the top prize eluded us in the 'Best Digital' category, the recognition adds to our pride. Discover the acclaim for our TEGERA Cut Protection Campaign, making a significant impact in raising awareness about our cut protection gloves.

We are thrilled to bring you the latest scoop hot off the press. Yesterday marked a nice event for us as Ejendals found itself in the spotlight at the esteemed Swedish In-house competition, "Inhousegalan." Although we didn't snag the top prize, the honor of being nominated in the "Best Digital" category has filled our team with pride.

Let's rewind a bit and set the stage. Ejendals, along with our innovative TEGERA line, was nominated for our outstanding contribution in the form of a 'guitar video.' Picture this: "A cut protection glove so flexible that you can even play an electric guitar with them on." This creative approach has not only showcased the thinness of our cut protection material, TEGERA CRF ® Omni, but has also introduced a fresh perspective to our traditional industry.

Watch the video from the nominated campaign!

TEGERA CRF® Omni Gloves

Extremely thin gloves for unlimited dexterity - combined with the highest cut protection. All thanks to our most advanced cut resistant technology ever, CRF® Omni.

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Fierce Competition

As you can imagine, the competition was fierce, and the anticipation for victory was noticeable. However, being nominated in the most challenging competition class is an achievement in itself, and we couldn't be prouder to find ourselves competing with great brands and their digital marketing campaigns and marketing budgets.

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The Stars - TEGERA 8845

The stars of our cinematic masterpiece, the unbeatable power couple TEGERA 8845, are here to spill the beans! Brace yourselves for the sequel, TEGERA 8846, hitting the screens soon. Get ready for a thrilling continuation of the cut protection saga!


Ejendals Marketing Team

Marketing and Communications Director, Ulrika Hallberg, and Team Manager Inhouse Production, Åsa Nordin Svensson, represented Ejendals Marketing Team at the gala in Stockholm, Sweden.