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Simon Conquers Two Megamarsches in JALAS

A Tale of Versatile Performance! Meet Simon, the adventurous soul who fearlessly took on not one, but two thrilling Megamarsches, wearing JALAS!

As employees at Ejendals, we frequently rely on TEGERA safety gloves and JALAS work and safety shoes in both our professional and personal lives. It's fascinating and motivating to see how products originally designed to prevent work-related injuries can also be used for various other activities. Moreover, this gives us a deeper understanding of the versatility and capabilities of our products.

For instance, some of our colleagues who are into mountain biking find great utility in our anti-vibration gloves while biking on rough terrains.


During this summer, our colleague Simon Borchers from our German sales team participated in Megamarsch, and he tried two different pairs of Jalas shoes during the event.

Megamarsch is a challenging endurance event where participants walk 50 kilometers (approximately 31 miles) within a set time limit. The event is usually held in various locations and requires participants to complete the distance within a specific time frame, typically in a single day. Megamarsch is known for testing participants' physical endurance, mental resilience, and determination as they navigate through different terrains and weather conditions to reach the finish line. It's a popular event among adventure enthusiasts and those seeking to challenge themselves in a demanding walking experience.

Simon's JALAS Experience at Megamarsch

For the first event, Megamarsch Düsseldorf, Simon walked 50 km in 9 hours wearing the JALAS 3055.
For the second event, Megamarsch Duisburg, he covered 50 km at night in 10 hours, wearing the JALAS 5362.

Simon shared his experience with both pairs of shoes. 

The JALAS Spoc 5362 was much easier to walk in, I had almost no problems, and my feet felt as comfortable as they do in my running shoes from the previous year.

He further added, "The other one, JALAS Street 3055, isn't as comfortable for walking long distances. After two days, my feet felt quite sore, and my legs were more stressed. However, it was still manageable, and even in the rain, I had no issues with wet feet or slipping."


More than workplace safety

Typically, when not participating in events like Megamarsch, the JALAS Street Collection is widely used within the building and construction sector, while The JALAS SpOc Collection is specially designed for the service sector. The fact that our products can seamlessly transition between professional use and personal pursuits showcases their exceptional performance and adaptability. We take pride in creating products that not only excel in workplace safety but also enhance the experiences of our customers in various aspects of life.

JALAS® Work & Safety Shoes

JALAS® safety shoes, boots & sandals maintain the highest quality, comfort and safety - features that have been our hallmark ever since 1916. The JALAS® story began in the village of Jokipii, Finland, which is still the proud home of design, development and manufacturing.

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