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TEGERA Safety Gloves Review: Insights from a Pyrotechnics Pro

We recently caught up with Frank Kooistra to discuss his experiences with this summer's pyrotechnic gigs, particularly his use of Tegera gloves. Frank, an accomplished freelance pyrotechnician with Unique Pyrotechnic since 2012, has had the privilege of collaborating with renowned acts such as Hammerfall, Sabaton, Twisted Sister, Venom, Amaranthe, Dark Funeral, Mando Diao, Veronica Maggio, and many more.

Balancing Artistry and Safety

Each show is a unique canvas, yet the core objective remains consistent: delivering a show-stopping performance that elevates the artist's act while prioritizing audience safety. Frank's expertise spans a range of special effects, including stage and arena pyrotechnics, smoke machines, confetti, and an array of fire effects. For Frank, there's no match for the adrenaline rush of thunderous bangs and colossal fire displays. It's possible that his early exposure to the iconic KISS pyrotechnic productions ignited his enduring passion for this craft.

Name: Frank Kooistra
Profession: Freelance Pyrotechnician
Test products:
TEGERA 9124, 8845 & 7773


Putting Safety First: A Pyrotechnician's Commitment to Well-Being

Behind the scenes, Frank places a high priority on safety, investing as much effort as he does in creating a spectacular show. As a pyrotechnician, he takes responsibility for the safety of the audience, artists, and crew from the moment he arrives at the venue until the pyrotechnic equipment is once again loaded into the truck after the show.

Enhancing Performance and Safety: The Role of Tegera Safety Gloves

Frank knows that the right workwear can be incredibly helpful, especially during long workdays that can stretch to 12-16 hours. TEGERA Safety Gloves have proven to be a valuable asset in helping him meet the demands of his profession. With the right gear, Frank can focus on creating memorable performances while ensuring everyone's well-being—a testament to the importance of safety in the world of pyrotechnics.

Continue reading to discover Frank's insights into three different TEGERA glove models.

Frank's Review of TEGERA PRO 9124

The TEGERA PRO 9124 gloves are versatile, offering an excellent fit and allowing flexible finger movement. They provide a strong grip, which simplifies the process of picking up and moving equipment on stage. These gloves strike a balance by providing ample protection to keep hands clean and safe, while also being thin and flexible enough to handle paperwork or tie shoelaces without needing to remove them.

In show production, using kilometers of cable is routine. Cables get dirty at indoor shows but turn even messier at festivals and outdoor events. Having reliable gloves that protect against bacteria, dirt, mud, and pyrotechnic debris while ensuring smooth work is a true blessing.

The durability and quality of these gloves are outstanding. One of my colleagues on the pyrotechnic team used his gloves every workday from the beginning of June until the middle of October, and they are still in excellent condition.

Frank's Take on TEGERA ® 8845 Gloves

The TEGERA ® 8845 gloves are like a second skin with their ultra-thin fabric. While I had some initial skepticism about their suitability for our line of work during a typical day on the job, they turned out to be a great fit. They performed excellently, especially for tasks like precision assembly, wiring fireworks, and stage pyrotechnics.


I found these gloves to be a reliable choice for heavier work tasks like unloading equipment from trucks and handling very heavy CO2 canisters. Given the potential risk of crush injuries to hands and fingers in such tasks, the impact protection features of these gloves offered valuable safety benefits.