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This is what happens to your body when it gets cold

Our bodies and our health are significantly impacted by cold temperatures and wet weather. But what exactly occurs within our bodies when exposed to cold conditions? And in what ways can safety shoes and safety gloves provide assistance?

In this article, we'll examine how cold and wet weather affects our bodies, from discomfort to potential health issues, and its impact on our effectiveness at work. Fortunately, by making informed choices about the protective gear we use, particularly for our hands and feet, we can enhance comfort and health, ensuring resilience in adverse weather conditions.

Reduced grip strength

Cold sensitivity is a syndrome in which individuals are highly negatively affected by contact with cold. This sensitivity occurs both when exposed to cold outdoor temperatures and during everyday activities, such as removing frozen food from a grocery store freezer.
Symptoms of cold sensitivity include pain, aching, and reduced grip strength in the hands, which can persist for several hours. 


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TEGERA offers a solution for cold sensitivity and reduced grip strength with advanced thermal insulation for warmth and enhanced grip. Our high-quality gloves cater to diverse cold environments, whether you're in the Nordics or milder areas, ensuring top-notch protection in the cold, including warmth, snow and rain resistance, and breathable comfort for your hands

Increased risk for accidents

Even mild exposure to cold affects our bodies. Oxygen absorption capacity decreases, resulting in decreased muscle strength. Physically demanding tasks become significantly more challenging, leading to increased fatigue, confusion, irritability, decreased judgment, and a heightened risk of workplace accidents, particularly for jobs requiring concentration.

JALAS - Designed for Accident Prevention

JALAS winter shoes are engineered to safeguard you during the toughest workdays. Built to endure extreme conditions, including cold, snow, wetness, and slippery surfaces, JALAS winter shoes empower you to work with unwavering confidence and unwavering focus, no matter the weather

You're More Prone to Illness

Cold temperatures are known to increase susceptibility to illnesses. Dry mucous membranes make us more vulnerable to various infections and viruses. Staying warm helps maintain our health, while moisture worsens the situation.
When we're wet, heat escapes from the wet areas 25 times faster!

Staying dry is as vital as staying warm

Even minor moisture can hinder the body's ability to maintain warmth, and since dampness can originate both externally and internally, it's crucial for clothing and gear to provide proper ventilation. Moisture inside shoes and gloves can chill the muscles, reducing hand grip strength and causing cold toes, which raises the risk of accidents and illness.

Embrace Winter with Confidence!

Our Recommendations and Safety Innovations for Winter and Cold Weather in 2023/24

Regardless of your choice, expect premium comfort and staying dry and warm all winter.

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