Declaration of Environment and Sustainability

Our goal is to provide quality service and high-performance products so that we support optimal conditions for a safer working environment to our customers. Ejendals strives to ensure that we act in a sustainable, responsible manner where we can participate and influence. Our actions are based on the latest research and technologies available. For Ejendals Environment & Sustainability are highly prioritized. And out of respect and customer focus we have developed exact defnitions so that we all can come together. Ejendals have decided to focus on 5 out of 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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    In Product development we continuously aim at improving environmental & sustainable aspects.
    • Sustainable material solutions
    • Design for manufacturing
    • Full product/manufacturing ownership
    • Fine tuned production measures to save waste and material usage
    • Strengthen Lifecycle of products
    • Repair operations (customer claims)
    • Product related certifcates

    Environment & Sustainability is part of development process as a gateway check point.


    Ejendals carries out risk assessments both on a continuous basis and upon changes. However proud we are of our competent and knowledgeable employees, knowledge is ofen a fresh item that needs to be maintained/refreshed. 

    Targets 2021: 95% Occupational H&S risk assessments done.
    95% of all employees trained within Code of Conduct.


    Ejendals encourage the long-term ambition of our subsuppliers to reduce energy use and the proportion of fossil fuels to limit greenhouse gas emissions.


    The logistics chain is continuously optimized. Our goals are to reduce the amount of air transport in favor of goods transported by boat. Railway is preferred before truck and road when possible.

    Targets 2020: Delivery performance SOT >97% (2019: 92%).
    Air transport <0,2% (2019: 0,4%).


    To reduce the amount of used resources Ejendals develop all our products and processes with waste minimization in mind.

    Target 2020: Total waste <200 kg / MSEK.

  • CO2

    Target 2020: Ejendals group has started to measure CO2eqv within transport.


    In collaboration with our customers, we are working to increase the use of renewable raw materials
    in our packaging and to reduce the amount of petroleum based packaging material.

    Target 2020: Reduce by 18000 kg.


    Ejendals AB & OY are certified according to
    ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 

    Sustainability Rating
    Received a Silver Medal
    EcoVadis 2020

    Product certificate
    Ecolabel for Safety shoes

    Product certificate
    Oeko-Tex for Gloves