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TEGERA ESD and ATEX protective gloves

TEGERA® presents one of the markets widest ranges of ESD and ATEX protective gloves.


Safety is crucial. The ability to move smoothly with comfortable and fresh hands is also vital for efficiency and comfort at work. The demand for high-quality ESD protective gloves and ATEX safety gloves is increasing. TEGERA’s extensive innovation experience and knowledge have resulted in one of the widest ranges of ESD and ATEX protective gloves.


Many of our ESD and ATEX protective gloves are made of thin, breathable and flexible material with high dexterity and fingertip sensitivity – to enable smooth and safe work. Several models are also equipped with level B or C cut protection for easy handling of sharp objects – and touch screen functionality for unobstructed handling of displays.


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Renowned TEGERA ® ESD & ATEX Gloves premium features:

The features varies from model to model.

  • High dexterity and comfort
  • Fingertip sensitivity
  • High breathability
  • OEKO-TEX and Dermatest approved
  • Cut protection using TEGERA ® CRF ® Technology
  • Touch screen functionality


ESD protective gloves are essential in many industries – and working situations for preventing damages to sensitive electronic components.
It is also important to wear ESD approved socks, shoes and other work wear. Electronics can be damaged by a discharge of very low voltage.


ATEX protective gloves are required in work environments classified as explosive, to prevent electrostatic charges to ignite explosive material – which in turn can be dangerous to you and your co-workers.

Cut protection ESD gloves

Superthin and flexible ESD gloves

Extra soft and flexible ESD gloves 

Generic ESD gloves

Disposable ESD gloves

Cut protection ATEX gloves

Testing and certification of ESD and ATEX gloves

Gloves must meet strict requirements regarding their ability to dissipate static electricity when used in ESD protected areas (EPA) or ATEX protected environments. International certifications denotes the requirements. Ejendals perform these tests in-house in addition to the official tests performed by notified bodies. Testing by notified body is required for certification.


Please reach out to us with any questions about these products or wish to make an order, we are here to help you.

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