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You may not alter or remove any trademark, copyright or other notice from copies of the content. The Ejendals, JALAS ®, TEGERA ® and GRANINGE ® logos and brands are protected. All rights reserved.


Visual guidelines

This brand guideline includes details about how to communicate about Ejendals, TEGERA and JALAS. The company logotype, the product logotypes, colors, and typography are our brand identity elements. Together with our messages, they define the structure, style and content of Ejendals, TEGERA and JALAS communications, globally, across all activities and points of contact.



You may use our logos for editorial purposes. You may not alter or manipulate any part of a logo, neither form, nor colour nor proportion. The Ejendals, JALAS ®, TEGERA ® and GRANINGE ® logos and brands are protected. All rights reserved. Treat the logotypes according to our visual guidelines. It should always be surrounded by a zone free from text or other graphical elements.

Ejendals logotypes



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Campaign material for our business partners.

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The media bank contains material that our business partners can use when marketing JALAS and TEGERA products.

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