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Our history

We have a long and proud history, filled with success stories that form a big part of who we are today.

Ejendals was founded in 1949 by Valfrid Ejendal in Leksand. Responding to rising interest in work gloves, Ejendals began the search for suppliers who could help us rise to meet the demand for quality and effectivity. This led us to forming specific partnerships abroad, which has seen our concept increase greatly. All our R&D has always taken place in Sweden and Finland.

During the 70’s, Ejendals began making safety shoes. Shortly thereafter, we began working with the Finnish company Urho Viljanmaa OY, which produced safety shoes under the name JALAS ®. When Ejendals acquired the company in 2008, the Ejendals group was born.

For many years Ejendals has been a market leader in the Nordic region, and we’ve recently expanded into several lucrative new markets throughout the World. More markets await and we are actively taking positive steps to continued future expansion.
Ejendals is still family owned and is now run by Valfrid’s grandson Marcus Ejendal.

Ejendals offers a wide range of product categories, including safety gloves, safety shoes, work shoes, safety sandals, work socks, and cut protective sleeves, all designed to ensure the safety and comfort of professionals across various industries.

It´s crucial to maintain the familiar feeling in the company even though we grow every year. Our history is important and also one of our driving forces ahead. My grandfather and father have worked incredibly hard with building Ejendals. And of course I want to carry on that tradition.

Marcus Ejendal

Valfrid Ejendal

Marcus Ejendal

Tegera Arena

Despite Ejendals´ international expansion, keeping our feet firmly in Leksand is important for us. An example of this is our involvement in Leksand's local ice hockey arena, Tegera Arena. This was a matter of the heart for our former CEO Per-Olof Ejendal.