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Certificates & responsibilities

We approach our diverse responsibilities with a strong sense of dedication. Our certifications stand as proud symbols, reflecting our commitment to environmental care and sound values.

As part of the global community, we take all our responsibilities seriously. We develop products that enhance safety across workplaces worldwide while valuing the well-being of our customers and employees. Our vision is for future generations to thrive in a better world. To realize this, we continuously work to limit our environmental impact.

Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at Ejendals takes the long-term effects of our actions into consideration. We see our long-running relationships as proof of meeting our responsibilities. By ensuring that all our partners also assume their own responsibilities, we’ve established a Code of  Conduct that we stringently follow.

Our Corporate Code of Conduct in short:

  • No one that works with Ejendals will be denied their basic human rights.
  • No one that works with Ejendals will be subjected to physical or psychological injury.
  • No children are allowed to work with Ejendals – we follow the UN Child Convention guidelines.


If you have suspicion or experience of a non-compliant situation regarding Ejendals, please inform us. The Report Form can be used anonymously, else use e-mail link and describe the issue and give your contact details.

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At Ejendals we’re focused on continuous improvement in how we work. To ensure the quality of our work and achieve ongoing improvement, we strictly follow the global accepted standards.

  • ISO 9001 Quality Management System
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management System
  • ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety Management System

To be certified according to the accepted standards means we continuously quality control how we:

  • Adapt to changes in regulations.
  • Develop our methods to meet your, as our customers, requirements.
  • Improve our own workplace for increased internal efficiency.


  • Ejendals has held the valuable AEO-certification since 2008.
  • Customs officials carry out revisions and spot checks, the latest of which was successfully conducted at Ejendals in 2019.
  • For our customers and stakeholders, this guarantees a professional and secure relationship in terms of customs handling, IT, financials, processes, safety & protection.

Quality and Environmental Work (QEHS Policy)

  • We impose environmental requirements on those who deliver products, packaging and services to us.
  • Chemicals are everywhere in our environment. In the manufacture of our products, we strive to reduce the amount of chemicals used, and to use the option that is best for the environment.
  • Our laboratories and laboratory staff are valuable when it comes to our environmental work. Without them we would not have sufficient knowledge about the content of the products that we release onto the market.
  • By manufacturing high-quality gloves and shoes, we help to avoid unnecessary wear and waste.

Declaration of Sustainability

Ejendals strives to ensure that we act in a sustainable, responsible manner where we can participate and influence.

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