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Declaration of Sustainability

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do. Through a long-term approach and ongoing efforts to reduce our environmental impact, we strive to make a positive difference.

Sustainability is a natural and important part of our business. We believe in a long-term approach to business and a continuous reduction on the impact we have on our planet. Being a personal protective equipment (PPE) supplier, Ejendals want to be a leader in health and safety for all the people part of our business and throughout our supply chain. In addition, our product offering will help our customers to improve their safety per-formance and protect the hands and feet of their employees.
Building on the sustainability materiality analysis from late 2021, we here declare our key topics and present targets for 2024. One overall target is to perform a double materiality analysis (DMA) in preparation towards EU CSRD requirements.

We have selected and decided to focus on the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:


Ejendals collaborate with customers using our Safety Concept to protect their employees' hands and feet. Internally, we use the same tool as many of our customers to proactively improve employee H&S.
Our suppliers also adhere to our Code of Conduct, which emphasizes H&S, and we work with them to enhance these aspects in their operations.

Targets 2024:

  • Zero LTIs (Lost Time Injuries)
  • 200 H&S reports, preferably risk observations
  • Initiate five safety improvements at our suppliers


While preserving their durability and high quality, new products should incorporate materials with:

  • Less GHG emissions than current ones, by using e.g. recycled or bio-based materials.
  • Improved control of material content.
  • Production methods with a minimum of environ-mental impact, e.g. water/energy use, and waste.

From a of transportation, distribution and waste point of view, we aim to optimize our packages by:

  • New space efficient and FSC certified shoe box.
  • Reducing amount of material, especially plastics.

Targets 2024:

With sustainability in focus, launch 4 glove and 3 shoe models and conceptualize 20 glove and 10 shoe models for launch 2025-7.


We ensure compliance with existing legislation, such as REACH, to prevent harmful chemicals in our products. We aim to proactively enhance our understanding on all chemicals used in manufacturing of our products and to add resources while building competence.

Targets 2024:

  • Enhance the mapping of chemicals within our supply chain and material manufacturing.
  • Internal chemical management training starting with product and sourcing managers.


Ejendals conducts ethical business with distributors, end user companies, and suppliers.
Our employees are trained in our Code of Conduct. Business partners adhere to ethical standards outlined in a separate CoC for Business.
We provide an external whistleblower mechanism for reporting concerns.

Targets 2024:

  • 100% signed CoC by product-related suppliers
  • >8 percentage points improvement of direct material suppliers 3rd-party CSR-audit coverage


We aim to estimate and better understand our total greenhouse gas emissions (scopes 1–3) to prepare for upcoming EU reporting requirements (CSRD) in 2025.
Our ongoing commitment is to reduce scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions within our company, while improving calculation methods for scope 3 GHG emissions.
We aim to assess GHG reduction through e.g. improved customer freight efficiency and packaging.

Targets 2024:

  • Calculate total GHG emissions, by modelling data from key products to pinpoint sources.
  • Start developing EPD:s (environmental product declaration) for key products.
  • Increase electric car usage in our fleet.


We use 100% renewable electricity at our Nordic sites, implementing energy-efficient measures like LED lighting. Our Jokipii facility has a solar panel system generating 400+ MWh/year. We prioritize waste minimization in product and process design, emphasizing recyclable waste and improving recycling markings on transport packaging with our suppliers.

Targets 2024:

  • Electricity + Heating <2600 kWh / MSEK Waste <165 kg / MSEK
  • Improve supplier packaging and markings


Ejendals AB & Ejendals Suomi Oy have Certificates for ISO 9001, 14001, 45001
Sustainability Rating: received a Silver Medal from EcoVadis 2024
Product certificate EU Ecolabel for Safety shoes
Product certificate OEKO-TEX ® for Safety gloves
Leather Working Group, LWG-certified shoes and gloves

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