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Research & Development

Through continuous product development, comprehensive knowledge of materials and advanced research collaboration, our products always remain on the cutting edge of innovative safety products.

Ejendals’ safety products are the result of comprehensive research and advanced construction techniques. This research has led us to create a range of our own materials and technologies, key factors in the protective qualities and ergonomics.

Our products are rigorously tested in order to meet the real-world challenges they will encounter and protect against cutting and mechanical injuries, as well as chemicals and extreme temperatures.

Ejendals’ labs ensure that all TEGERA ® and JALAS ® products maintain quality of the highest order and develop in alignment with our clients’ needs and challenges. Our labs also play an active role in our continued drive towards greater sustainability.

Here are two examples of what our research and development has culminated in. We are very proud to present Jalas Exalter and Tegera Dynamic Strength Collection.



TEGERA® Impact Protection Safety Work Gloves

Poron® XRD® absorbs up to 90% of the impact energy even though it’s only 4 mm thick.

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JALAS® Green Line Shoe Collection

JALAS® Green Line series are all metal free. We use plasma treated textile anti-puncture protection and other environmentally-friendly materials.

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