Our history

Ejendals has a long and proud history. Our history is filled with success stories and is a big part of who we are today.

Ejendals was founded in 1949 by Valfrid Ejendal in Leksand, Sweden. The family name derives from nearby Lake Ejen. A clothing company, the product line included work gloves that were manufactured locally, and customers largely consisted of the regional mills and industries.

A growing demand for quality
As demand grew, Ejendals started to look for suppliers who could meet its demands in terms of quality and efficiency. This led to some production being carried out in China. Over the years, this concept has been expanded, while research, development and testing facilities has remained in Sweden and Finland.

A good fit with safety shoes
In the 1970s, safety shoes were included in Ejendals’ product range. Shortly thereafter, cooperation began with Finnish company Urho Viljanmaa OY, which produces Jalas® safety shoes. When Ejendals acquired the company in 2008, the Ejendals Group was born.

Recent expansions
For many years a market leader in the Nordic region, Ejendals has expanded into a number of new markets in Europe such as Germany, the UK, France, Benelux, Italy, Poland, the Baltic States and Russia. Several markets await, and we take a very positive attitude towards our continued expansion.

Still a family company
Ejendals is still family-owned, and is now run by Valfrid's grandson, Marcus Ejendal. The company has an annual turnover of more than EUR 100,000,000.