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117 years of work experience!

In this article, you will meet two brothers with extensive professional experience, totaling over 117 years, in fact! They share the importance of safe working environments. Join us as we explore the evolution of occupational safety and listen to their stories about some truly dangerous situations.

At Ejendals, we often use the phrase "Ready for work, ready for life" to explain what we do. Our products make everyday life safer for hundreds of thousands of working people around the world, giving them the opportunity to go home after work and truly enjoy life. A professional career spans a long time, and everyone has the right to retire one day without having suffered injuries during their occupational journey.

In this article, we meet two brothers who have had long careers and possess a wealth of experience in both safe and unsafe working environments. They share insights into the evolution of occupational safety and protective products over the years. Additionally, they recount some truly serious situations they have encountered firsthand.

Hans "Hasse" Brinkenberg

Age: 71 years
Education: Mechanical Engineer, Hydraulic Technician, HVAC Technician, and Electrical Engineer.
Occupation: Electrical and HVAC Installer
Currently working: 80% capacity
57 years of work experience, including 43 years as a self-employed individual (since 1980).

Håkan Brinkenberg

Age: 77 years
Education: Engineer
Occupation: Infrastructure Engineer
Retired since 2011 Formerly employed at JOW, Vattenbyggnadsbyrån, VBB, VBB/VIAK, SWECO.
60 years of work experience (including internships).

The Evolution of Protective Products and a Safe Working Environment

Håkan and Hasse have witnessed significant advancements in protective products and workplace safety throughout their careers. Hasse recalls a time when thick leather gloves were the only option available, which didn't suit assembly work. Now, he has tested TEGERA's new, ultra-thin cut-resistant gloves, model 8845, and believes they would be suitable for both precision work and handling sharp sheet metal.

Hasse has also experienced a serious accident during his professional journey. It occurred while unloading a scaffold. As he threw off a part of the scaffold, it bounced back, resulting in one of Hasse's fingers getting severely crushed, with the tip of the finger being severed. Fortunately, Hasse was lucky. He was able to have the finger surgically reattached in the emergency room, and it now functions properly, albeit with a visible bump at the upper joint of the injured finger. Hasse shares that he finished his work first before spending an hour in the emergency room with a bleeding hand wrapped in a cloth.

This incident and Hasse's experiences highlight the need for adequate protection and safety measures in the workplace. Over the years, advancements in protective equipment and increased awareness of the importance of the work environment have helped minimize risks and injuries in various professions. Håkan and Hasse understand the significance of staying updated on safety standards and using the appropriate protective gear to perform their tasks safely.

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Risky Climbing and Dangerous Gas Exposure

Håkan looks back on a project at Ringhals 3 and 4 during the 1970s. He was responsible for the drawings of the pipe installation for the steam generator. During an inspection of the completed work, he had to climb a really high steam generator without a safety harness or backup, all while wearing bulky safety shoes.

However, one of his worst experiences occurred while conducting night measurements to check a Sewage-Water Drainage Well. Such wells pose a high risk of gas formation. Håkan ended up inhaling the gas and passed out. His colleagues had to use his lifeline to pull him to safety.

These dangerous incidents highlight the hazards and deficiencies that existed in the work environment during that time. Håkan's experiences emphasize the importance of safety measures and awareness of workplace risks to protect the health and safety of workers.

From Weight to Lightness

Hasse and Håkan have worn various types of safety shoes throughout the years. They jokingly remark that the shoes they used in the early stages of their careers probably weighed around 5 kg each. This clearly illustrates the feeling of heaviness and clumsiness they experienced. It was not uncommon for the toe caps to pinch and cause blisters. Nowadays, both of them use JALAS safety shoes that feel light and agile. When we meet, they have the opportunity to try a model of JALAS SpOc occupational shoes with ESD protection. Since electrostatic discharges (ESD) can damage electronic equipment, all SpOc insoles contain conductive threads that eliminate static electricity. This is especially beneficial for Hasse, as he can work in these shoes when he is in places that do not require toe protection or puncture resistance.

They find JALAS SpOc 5372 to be incredibly comfortable. Neither of them had previously tried shoes with the BOA ® Fit System. The advantage of BOA, compared to regular laces, is that it allows for greater adjustability throughout the shoe, resulting in a better fit for individuals with both wide and narrow feet.


Active Lifestyle and Wellness

Both Håkan and Hasse lead active lifestyles. Hasse is in the process of finishing the construction of his own house, while Håkan has renovated two homes since retiring. They both own boats, and on the day we meet them, they have just transported Håkan's boat from Dalsland to Dalarna. Their interest in boating and an active lifestyle was inherited from their father. Even as children, they engaged in outdoor activities and sports. Hasse played handball until the age of 47, while Håkan has been involved in athletics and currently enjoys mountain biking.

As a self-employed individual, Hasse has been responsible for his own wellness matters. On the other hand, Håkan, having worked for a larger company, has had the privilege of receiving wellness benefits, renting the company's cabins in Sälen, and having a gymnasium at the office where activities such as floorball and dance classes have been offered. The company has also had a rink hockey team and participated in several relay races.

Hasse and Håkan agree that wellness is an important aspect of staying healthy and strong, both at work and in their personal lives.

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