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A sustainable shoebox designed for premium shoes

Discover the latest from JALAS footwear as Ejendals introduces a new shoebox. Learn why it's developed, when it'll reach JALAS customers, the transition plan, and which shoes will get the upgrade. Watch the video for an inside look!

Ejendals has introduced a new JALAS shoebox. To make this possible, Ejendals invested in a new shoebox machine at the JALAS factory in Jokipii, Finland, where JALAS footwear is manufactured. For answers to the following questions regarding the new shoebox, please watch the video:

  1. Why has Ejendals developed this shoebox?
  2. When will the new boxes be introduced to our JALAS customers?
  3. What will happen in the transition from old boxes to new boxes? Will there be a mixture of old and new boxes?
  4. Will all JALAS shoes get the new box?

JALAS® Safety Footwear

JALAS safety shoes, boots & sandals maintain the highest quality, comfort and safety - features that have been our hallmark ever since 1916. The JALAS story began in the village of Jokipii, Finland, which is still the proud home of design, development and manufacturing.

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