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Discover Your Ideal Work Gloves: TEGERA PRO Selection Guide

Ejendals Celebrates 75 Years of Safety Innovation! Among our cherished collections, TEGERA PRO stands out with its diverse range of glove models. But how do you know which glove suits your needs best? In this blog post, our Customer Service department has expertly outlined the unique features of TEGERA PRO. Dive in and discover the perfect fit for your safety needs!

Choosing the right glove for the right job. Not an entirely easy task, as it requires knowledge of both materials and the function of your glove. Is it most important to have a thin glove with fingertip sensitivity for fine motor tasks or a glove that protects against weather and wind in a tough working environment.

Who should you choose? Here you get some advice and tips along the way that can help you make the right choice and thereby increase safety and efficiency in your workplace.

We have 75 years of experience in developing our gloves, and over the years, we have learned how to develop the right glove for your job. If you choose a glove from our Tegera PRO collection, you are well on your way to finding the right one.

TEGERA PRO has not only redefined safety gloves; it has set a new industry benchmark. With its distinctive black, grey, and yellow design, it has become an iconic symbol of TEGERA excellence, instantly recognized and trusted worldwide. - Lena Prytz, Supplier Quality Engineering Director at Ejendals.

TEGERA All-Round Work Gloves

In the all-round gloves category, you'll discover our multifunctional gloves. Here, you'll find a diverse selection with various features that offer excellent protection across common work areas.

TEGERA 9111 – Robust gloves with excellent grip and added wrist protection. 
TEGERA 9121 – Cut protection level B with reliable grip and Velcro closure.
TEGERA 9125 – A favorite among many. Ideal for tool handling.
TEGERA 9205 – Featuring additional protection for the palm and knuckles.
TEGERA 9295 – Ergonomic design with enhanced wrist support. Resistant to moisture.

Precision gloves and assembly gloves often complement each other. The distinction between these models may be slight but crucial. Regardless of your choice, you'll receive a comfortable and versatile glove of the highest caliber.

TEGERA Precision Work Gloves

When crafting protective gloves for tasks requiring fine motor skills, striking the right balance between protection and dexterity is essential. We aim to design gloves that provide sufficient shielding while maintaining a snug fit and exceptional fingertip sensitivity. These gloves are perfect for individuals who need a thin glove offering excellent grip, alongside precise feel and control for intricate tasks.

9100 – Excellent grip in dry and lightly oily environments.
9101 – Versatile glove suitable for many environments.
9140 – A favorite in the category. Tight fit for high dexterity and sensitivity.
9220 – Soft and comfortable, breathable, and usable in various areas.

TEGERA Assembly Work Gloves

These gloves are designed for individuals working in the industrial sector. They are the optimal choice for those who work on the workshop floor, where demands include both fingertip-sensitive precision and heavier assembly tasks in construction and mechanics.

TEGERA 9102 - Outstanding grip in dry environments with Gripforce in the palm.
TEGERA 9105 - Fantastic fit, like a second skin with Velcro closure.
TEGERA 9120 - Extra reinforced fingertips with excellent fit.
TEGERA 9123 - Good all-around functionality, in high-visibility colors. Can be used on touchscreens.
TEGERA 9124 - Diamond-patterned palm for excellent grip in dry and wet environments.
TEGERA 9185 - Extra protection against impacts and blows to the hand. Reinforced fingertips.
TEGERA 9196 - Very good wrist support for heavier work.
TEGERA 9200 - Durable glove with excellent fit.

TEGERA Insulating Work Gloves

Exposed hands should not be subjected to temperatures lower than +10°C. For lower temperatures, as well as windy and humid conditions, lined work gloves and saferty gloves are necessary. These are warm gloves from the TEGERA PRO Collection that are not only flexible, durable, and comfortable but also offer waterproof and breathable options.

TEGERA 9112 – Robust cuff around the wrist and good grip in the palm.
TEGERA 9113 – Waterproof and warm glove with Thinsulate lining for tough conditions.
TEGERA 9122 – Fleece-lined glove with a very good fit.
TEGERA 9126 – Durable waterproof glove that seals tightly at the wrist.
TEGERA 9127 – Grip-safe glove with Thinsulate lining.
TEGERA 9128 – High-visibility colored and waterproof glove that can be used on touchscreens.
TEGERA 9190 – Extra wrist support for heavy lifting. Lined with fleece.
TEGERA 9232 – Reinforced for tough tasks. Seals tightly at the wrist.

TEGERA Anti-vibration Safety Gloves

Working with vibrating machinery can lead to vibration-induced injuries. Tegera PRO offers a range of anti-vibration safety gloves designed to provide smooth and comfortable hand protection, specifically engineered to absorb shocks. It's important to know the type of tools you'll be using to ensure the glove offers optimal vibration protection.

TEGERA 9180 – The flagship model. Durable with excellent grip. TRM: 0.90 TRH: 0.55
TEGERA 9181 – Leather glove for rugged environments with moisture and oil. TRM: 0.90 TRH: 0.58
TEGERA 9182 – Leather specially treated for enhanced performance. Extra-long cuff. TRM: 0.82 TRH: 0.44
TEGERA 9183 – Robust wrist protection for heavy lifting. Compatible with touchscreens. TRM: 0.75 TRH: 0.56

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TEGERA PRO are our most popular safety gloves. A collection created in close collaboration with professionals. Every detail is the result of years of research and development with placing the greatest emphasis on comfort, safety, and ergonomics.

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