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Ejendals Halloween pumpkin safety guide

For a cut free and happy Halloweeen.

Halloween is approaching and many restaurants and hotels are about to create wonderful and spooky environments. Making Halloween pumpkins can be hard work and accidental cuts are common. To make sure that all cuts and wounds are fake this year, please read Ejendals Halloween pumpkin safety guide.

Ejendals - How to carve a Halloween pumpkin safety guide

  1. Choose a pumpkin that is an appropriate size and shape for the design you plan to carve. You always want to look for a pumpkin with a flat bottom that will stand upright.

  2. Choose a design before you start carving. Draw the design on the pumpkin with a permanent marker.

  3. Put on your TEGERA Cut protection Gloves.
    For example TEGERA 8815 Infinity. Our thinnest and softest gloves – with cut resistance level F. F is the highest level of cut protection. The gloves also gives you better grip and control while cutting out your design.

  4. For a lid: Draw a circle for the lid with a V-shaped notch at the back. This notch will serve as a guide to replace the lid.
    For a bottom: Draw an opening on the bottom of your pumpkin if you want to place it over a candle.

  5. Cut along the drawn lines for the lid or bottom opening with a sharp knife. If cutting a lid, angle the blade toward the center of the pumpkin to create a ledge that supports the lid. If cutting a bottom, cut straight into the pumpkin.

  6. Use a large spoon to scoop out the seeds from inside the pumpkin. Carve until the pumpkin wall is about 2,5 cm thick.

  7. Carve your design. Use a gentle back and forth motion to cut into the pumpkin and take your time. Keep following your pattern until you've carved out the entire design. If a cut section of your design doesn't remove easily the first time, run the blade around it again and then push on that section from the inside. Use caution when wielding a knife. Cut away from yourself, never pull the knife up towards yourself through the pumpkin.

  8. Light your pumpkin with a candle, tea light or a LED light. If you choose to use a real candle, make sure your carving will provide the flame with enough oxygen to keep burning. If you've cut several large holes in your pumpkin, you should be fine.

  9. Display the pumpkin in a safe area. If you're using a candle to light your pumpkin and placing it on anything wooden, place a dinner plate down first, to catch wax and avoid setting wooden porches, tables, or stairs on fire.

Get inspired!

What is your favourite Halloween pumpkin design?
Do you prefer a friendly or scary pumpkin?

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