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High visibility PPE – Let´s get illuminated!

It´s all about distance. From how far you can be detected in low light conditions. For example, the longer a driver of a vehicle has to react, the safer you are.

High visibility PPE is needed when you work when there is low light and poor visibility. Especially around moving vehicles. Your high visibility PPE allows you to be seen from farther away, which increases your safety at work. High visibility gloves also improve communication via hand signals between you and your coworkers.

High visibility colors

The human eye responds best to large, contrasting, bright or moving objects. Your visibility is enhanced by high color contrast between your PPE and your work environment.
EU directives have approved three high visibility colors: yellow, orange and red. Tests have shown that yellow has the best luminosity. However, dirt is not as visible on orange as on yellow, which is why many people choose orange.


In the dark, the high visibility colors lose luminosity. Therefore, warning garments often includes reflectors.
Retroreflective material is created to return light in the direction of the light's source. This property will let a driver or equipment operator see the light being reflected from the retroreflective material if you´re standing in the light's beam.

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