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Highland Spirit in Tough Viking

Join George McLaren, our spirited Scotsman from Ejendals, as he reflects on last year's Tough Viking obstacle race. George shares valuable insights from his unforgettable journey. So, kick back and get ready for an enlightening reflection of George's adventure through mud, sweat, and Viking cheers!

Ejendals has been a proud sponsor of the first-class obstacle race Tough Viking since 2023, which is being held in Stockholm and Gothenburg this year.

One of those who had the opportunity to join Ejendals' own team in Tough Viking is George McLaren. He is originally from Scotland, but love brought him to Dalarna, Sweden. For the past few years, he has been working as an indoor salesperson at Ejendals with a focus on the UK.

Interviewer: What made you sign up for Tough Viking?
George: "The challenge. I have quite small children and haven't had as much time to train as I should have in recent years. It gave me a solid reason to start training a little harder."

There are many difficult challenges along the Tough Viking course. Several obstacles must be overcome, placing great demands on the participants' fitness and strength. Participants must lift heavy stones, carry heavy logs, negotiate water obstacles, and climb over walls, among other challenges. The whole body is put to the test.

George: "When I saw the course, I got a little worried. It looked difficult, and there were several obstacles that looked almost impossible."

George McLaren

Indoor Sales Representative at Ejendals and Tough Viking Participant for Team TEGERA in 2023.

Interviewer: Which was the hardest?
George: "Anything involving hand and upper body strength. There were several obstacles where you had to climb and lift your own weight.

Interviewer: What equipment did you find most useful?
 George: Good shoes, and I was really glad I had my TEGERA 9105 gloves with a really good grip. It saved a lot of strength in several of the obstacles.

Interviewer: You and the team completed the course and celebrated together in the finish area. How did it feel in your body afterwards?
George: "I was extremely proud of myself."

Interviewer: Do you have any tips for those who will do it this year?
George: "Train more than two months in advance. You'll need all the training you can muster. It's a real challenge you're getting into. Prepare for everything!"

Interviewer: Would you like to do it again?
George: "YES!! I really hope I get the opportunity to do it again this year."

Compete for tickets to Tough Viking with TEGERA!

Now you, just like George, have the chance to win a spot in this year's edition of Tough Viking. All you need to do is send an email to competition@ejendals.com with the subject line "I want to grab the victory". Tell us why you want to represent TEGERA and provide your name and address.

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TEGERA is looking for nine people who want to represent us in Tough Viking in Gothenburg and Stockholm. As our representative, you will receive a TEGERA t-shirt, a pair of TEGERA gloves, and a ticket to participate in the competition.

Race dates 2024:

  • Slottsskogen, Gothenburg - April 20th
  • Stockholm, Stadion - May 4th
  • Stockholm, Djurgården - August 24th