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How to choose the right protective gloves and shoes for winter

Little is worse than freezing your hands and feet when working outdoors. Fortunately, there are solutions that keep you dry and warm.

There is a shoe and a glove for almost everything. Also slushy, cold winter days and icy stilt slabs. Here's the guide to finding them.

Your whole body gets cold if your your hands get cold. Then it is difficult to get the job done properly. And the shoes are just as important, says Tommy Østvang. As a fitter in Utleiekompaniet, UCO, he has worked outside during many winter days and knows what he is talking about.

- I have had safety shoes that are very slippery. And gloves that didn't have the grip I needed. Not a good situation, when you have to climb 40-50 meters into the air on wet, cold steel, and you have to hold heavy impact tools at the top, he describes and adds:
- In addition, your hands quickly get wet when you climb a rhyming ladder. Unless the gloves are water resistant.
Now he has finally got protective equipment that keeps both the moisture and the cold out. It makes his working days far better.
- Now it's not the equipment that stops us. The first snowfall always feels bad. But after that it's fine. And then it feels extra nice when summer comes, he says.

Find the safety shoes and gloves you need for winter

TEGERA safety gloves and JALAS safety shoes are premium brands by Ejendals. Discover a wide range of shoes and gloves for winter and cold conditions.

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Major product development

The fact that Tommy Østvang has now received good protective equipment for winter use after bad experiences in the past is no coincidence.
The technology of TEGERA safety gloves and JALAS safety shoes has indeed made quantum leaps in recent years.

Behind our products are many years of research into materials, fit and how they are put together, says Ståle Larsen, Territory Sales Manager at Ejendals.

All the difference!

The TEGERA ® 7799 gloves and warm safety shoes mean that Tommy Østvang no longer dislikes working outdoors during the winter.
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Reliability is key

Tommy Østvang and operations manager Tore Framvik (bottom) in UCO work with tall construction cranes. It is then important that the equipment works.
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Shoes and gloves for everything

The construction crane fitter thus confirms what Ståle Larsen in Ejendals says: That there are both work shoes and work gloves for almost every need.
- In short, you have to choose gloves and shoes based on the weather, location and work tasks, he begins.
Of course, the most important thing is protection, whether you need protective equipment with cut resistance, shock absorption or chemical resistance.
It is just as important that the shoes and gloves keep you dry and warm - at the same time as providing the grip you need.
- I like to compare it to the mountain weather rules. You must dress according to the weather and conditions. It will be a puzzle to solve to find the right products, but our dealers have great expertise and can help. Often you need more than one model. But there are TEGERA safety gloves and JALAS safety shoes for almost every need, he notes.

Safety gloves for winter

dynamic.jpgThe safety gloves Østvang uses when climbing the construction crane on the UCO site, TEGERA ® DYNAMIC STRENGTH 7799, are a good example of premium winter gloves:

  • It is ergonomically shaped with pre-bent fingers and a specially designed thumb.
    It has the highest quality goat heritage leather in the palm and touch screen functionality.
  • Waterproof and breathable membrane and Thinsulate winter lining keep hands warm.
  • Both fingertips, index finger and seams are reinforced for maximum durability.
  • High cut protection and orange visibility color provide safety, even on dark winter days.

- Thinsulate provides good warmth and is available in many different thicknesses. Many of our models are also used in arctic regions, for example on Svalbard. At the same time, we design the glove so that both the finger feel, comfort and grip are good, Ståle Larsen describes.


Safety shoes for the winter

The shoes Østvang wears when he climbs up the construction crane ladder are just as specially adapted to get the job done under demanding conditions.
JALAS ® HEAVY DUTY 1398 WINTER GTX has, among other things:

  • The Vibram ® Arctic Grip Pro outsole for excellent grip on all slippery surfaces, even wet ice.
  • GORE-TEX and extra warm fur lining keep your feet warm and dry.
  • Upper in durable full-grain leather and functional textiles for support and protection.
  • Protective toe in composite and nail tread protection in soft textile.
  • Two BOA ® on the side that allow you to adjust the foot and shaft separately.
  • Good damping and stability. The boot is flexible enough at the back that you can drive a car with it.

- This shoe is waterproof and warm, and the grip is absolutely fantastic. It is important when you work outside. Slippery shoes can cause serious fall accidents, says Ståle Larsen.
He adds that both TEGERA and JALAS have a wide range of sizes, also for women. And that most of their retailers have foot scanners, so you can get the right insole if you have a high or low arch.

Ståles winter product recommendations

TEGERA safety gloves and JALAS safety shoes are premium brands by Ejendals. Discover our top picks of shoes and gloves for winter and cold conditions.

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