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How to choose the right safety gloves

Your hands are your most important tools. Without safety gloves - or with low quality safety gloves - there is a risk that you will be injured and unable to work. In the worst case for a long time. 

TEGERA-quality pays off

A glove from TEGERA protects you from injury and fits comfortably, regardless of the type of job you are to perform. A premium glove with good grip means that you work with better fluency, get more done, and feel safe and secure. With TEGERA you get innovation, quality and the best protection on the market!

How do I choose the right gloves?

Start by answering these simple questions:

  • What work are you going to do?
  • In what environment are you going to work?
  • How do you want it to feel when you use the gloves?
  • What size do you need?

You must be careful about the size of the glove, so that the glove protects in the best way and does not obstruct you while working.

Gloves for precision work

If you are working with the assembly of small objects, you need a flexible glove with a good fingertip feel to avoid taking off the gloves at every step. TEGERA has a large range of gloves for precision work and assembly work.

TEGERA 9105: Hook and loop fastening for extra good fit
TEGERA 115: flexible leather of the highest quality
TEGERA 8801: thin and extremely flexible
TEGERA 8803: wet and oily environments

Gloves for all-round work

TEGERA all-round gloves combine protection with flexibility. TEGERA 9125 is a very durable all-round model with reinforced protection in the inner hand and a good fingertip feel. It also has a superb grip and is half-lined in the palm of the hand to follow the hand's movements better.

Gloves with cut protection

Sharp objects are the most common cause of hand injuries. TEGERA 8805 Infinity is a thin and flexible cut protection glove. It works on touchscreens, so you don´t have to remove your gloves to answer the phone.


Winter gloves / cold insulation gloves

TEGERA offers everything from thin and flexible gloves for cool autumn days to very warm and waterproof gloves when winter has really arrived.

TEGERA 8810: thin and flexible
TEGERA 295: waterproof and warm
TEGERA 9128: waterproof and warm bestseller with touchscreen function

Product search

A good help when searching for gloves is our product search page. Where you can use different filters to sort the gloves by specific protective features.

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