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International Italian Pizza Day

Mouth watering greetings from Ejendals Italian team on the International Italian Pizza Day.

Since 2018, the 17th of January is the International Italian Pizza Day.

In reality, in Campania, Pizza Day has been celebrated for a little longer. Its origins are linked to St. Antonio, traditionally associated with the element of fire. In fact, according to one of the many legends associated with his cult, the hermit descended into hell to snatch the souls of sinners from their eternal condemnation, fighting against the devil and subsequently suffering painful sores similar to burns.

TEGERA heat protection gloves

At Ejendals we want to celebrate this Italian excellence with all of you. And to those like St. Antonio, who have to defend themselves from the risks of direct and indirect contact with hot components, we recommend taking a look at our range of TEGERA heat protection gloves.

If welding is part of your processes you should have a look at our Industry page for welders.

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TEGERA heat protection gloves

The 17th of January might be International Italian Pizza Day. But every day is "don't-burn-your-fingers -day" at Ejendals.

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