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JALAS walks around the world - Mora, Sweden

Welcome to the fourth leg of our "Walk Around the World" journey, where we uncover captivating stories from inspiring individuals and businesses who have embraced the excellence of JALAS safety and work shoes. Today, our adventure takes us to the charming city of Mora, Sweden, as well as on a short trip to the vibrant streets of London.

On this exciting chapter, we had the privilege of engaging in a conversation with Mr. Tobias Borg, the Market Manager at Mattsson Metal, located in the picturesque city of Mora, Sweden. Situated in Dalarna, a region renowned for its rich cultural heritage, Mora stands as a small yet remarkable city. Within its embrace, Mattsson Metal has emerged as a distinguished sub-contract manufacturer, specializing in the production of top-quality hot-pressed metal parts throughout northern Europe.

Mora is perhaps best known for Vasaloppet (the world’s oldest long-distance cross-country ski race), and Dalahästen (The Dala Horse). 

Name: Tobias Borg
Works as: Market Manager
Company: Mattsson Metal AB
Industry: Manufacturers of hot-pressed metal parts.
Location: Mora, Sweden
Steps per workday: About 10,000
Product: JALAS 2108 VIP

Versatile Protection and Style

Tobias tells us that the versatility of the JALAS 2108 safety shoes allows him to seamlessly transition between different work areas without needing to change footwear. "Whether I'm attending a boardroom meeting, working in my office, or going down to the factory floor, I can rely on these shoes to provide the necessary protection without compromising on style or comfort," he says..

The JALAS 2108 safety shoes are equipped with a toe cap, which provides protection against impacts and compression in case of accidental falls or heavy objects being dropped. This feature ensures Tobias' toes are safeguarded from potential injuries on the factory floor.Additionally, these shoes also offer nail penetration protection. This means that sharp objects, such as nails or other pointed materials, are less likely to penetrate through the sole of the shoe and injure Tobias' feet. This feature is particularly important in environments where there may be sharp objects or debris on the floor.

Over the years, I have used several models from Ejendal's JALAS VIP Collection. Works just as well in the boardroom as in production. The shoes are very comfortable for the feet and does not feel heavy despite the toe cap. They are so nice and look dressed up, so I also use them privately.

Tobias Borg, Market Manager at Mattsson Metal AB

Experience the Comfort of JALAS 2108 VIP: Tobias' London Holiday Testimonial

Tobias frequently incorporates the JALAS 2108 VIP shoes into his leisure activities and eagerly recounts his experience of wearing them during a memorable five-day holiday in London. These shoes proved to be his trusted companions throughout his extensive walking tours. Despite exploring numerous sights on foot, Tobias was pleasantly surprised to find himself free from any foot pain or discomfort.

What truly captivated Tobias about the JALAS 2108 VIP shoes was their softness and support, particularly provided by their insoles. He appreciated how the shoes effortlessly embraced his feet, allowing him to stride with ease and enjoy London.

With the JALAS 2108 VIP shoes, Tobias not only indulged in London's rich cultural offerings but also relished every step of the journey. Their outstanding comfort and nice design elevated his holiday experience, making these shoes his go-to choice for future explorations.

The image was taken at the Diana Memorial Playground in Kensington Gardens.

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