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JALAS Winter shoes

Stay safe and comfortable even in the harshest winter conditions.

Protect yourself with JALAS winter shoes. They can handle the toughest cold, snow, wet and slippery conditions. So that you can feel safe and completely focus on your work. No matter how deep the snow gets.

The functional insole, a PU midsole and the outsole creates a multilayer cushioning system for ergonomics and healthy feet and knees. JALAS winter safety shoes also provides high stability and balance to prevent fatigue.

Several of JALAS winter models also offers impact protection. PORON XRD is a shock-absorbing material that protects your feet from shocks on the sides and around the entire ankle. This is a unique material that feels icredibly soft until exposed to pressure or shock, as it hardens to protect your feet from injuries. The material also provides superior support for the ankles.

Below you find a selection of JALAS winter models. With any of these, your feet and body will thank you for your choice of winter safety shoes. 

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JALAS 1368 Heavy Duty Arctic Grip - Suitable for cold weather, metal free.
JALAS 1378 Heavy Duty Arctic Grip - Suitable for very cold weather.
JALAS 1808 Gran Premio - Suitable for cold weather.
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JALAS® Heavy Duty Arctic Grip

Prevents slip accidents even on extremely slippery, oily or icy surfaces.

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Powerful protection and wide fit

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