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Keep your gloves on

During the darker and colder months, it is especially important to be seen properly. Good safety gloves should be so comfortable and functional that you never have to take them off. That's why we've developed high visibility gloves and touchscreen functionality that won't fail, regardless of temperature.

TEGERA safety gloves offer a wide range of gloves with high visibility combined with other functions.
Although the dress code for protective clothing does not require gloves to have high visibility colors. But for several reasons it has become practice in many industries to use high visibility safety gloves.

Warning gloves contribute to a safer work environment:

  • The supervisor can easily determine whether his employees are wearing appropriate safety gloves.
  • Better visibility when communicating through hand signals.
  • Higher visibility in work environments with, for example, trucks, cars and other motorized equipment.

Two novelties with fantastic grip!

TEGERA 8820R and TEGERA 8821R are comfortable, flexible, soft and work on touch screens. Even touch screens with extra protective glass. These two models are knitted and have a nitrile-dipped palm for extra good grip.

Reflective and highly visible

TEGERA 9123 and TEGERA 9128 belong to the PRO collection. Designed especially for professional craftsmen who don't want to compromise either when it comes to protection or comfort. TEGERA 9128 is also waterproof and lined.

Leather gloves for touch screens

The touchscreen function is achieved through a special tanning process that ensures good durability and conductivity. The conductivity is maintained even if the leather becomes worn.
TEGERA 7798 and TEGERA 7799 are warm lined and TEGERA 7799 also has cut protection level E.

Smart gloves for smart phones

Keep your gloves on!

Touchscreen screens are becoming increasingly common in many workplaces. With these gloves, you can use touchscreens without having to take off your gloves.

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